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Message of Our Chairman of the Board

Dear colleagues and GEN's valued shareholders, esteemed business partners and stakeholders,

In line with our position and vision in our sector since our establishment, we are conscious of protecting the ecosystem we are in and leaving a habitable world for the future while rapidly adapting to the ever-changing world, and we are committed to courageously play a pioneering role in this regard and to continue to offer rare solutions as done so far.

Best Regards,


Chairman of the Board



You can download our sustainability report by clicking the button below.


As GEN, we take every step with the awareness of the need to leave a liveable world through respecting people, respecting nature in a fair, transparent and accountable manner and feeling the responsibility of all relevant parties involved. As in every field, we operate in, we promise to improve ourselves and others day by day by offering rare solutions and taking bold steps toward innovations in this long-lasting, never-ending sustainability journey.


As GEN, our objective is to take joint steps with each of our stakeholder groups, taking into account our sustainability priorities that affect or are affected by our activities. In this direction, we aim to ensure compliance with both national and international standards and regulations by identifying our corporate priorities, strategic objectives, risks, and opportunities and creating the appropriate infrastructure.


Our GEN Sustainability goals cover the following topics:

  1. Establishing and ensuring the continuity of GEN sustainability strategies that include a corporate sustainability perspective in the environmental, social and economic dimensions, which are the three basic elements of sustainability;

  2. Integrating the sustainability strategy into the corporate culture and raising awareness among all internal and external stakeholders with whom we are in contact;

  3. Contributing to "partnerships for the goals" for sustainable development and creating sustainable values;

  4. Providing quality standards in all activities carried out in accordance with national and international legislations;

  5. Providing sustainable contribution to all our stakeholders in all supply chain processes we are a part of, with our business models that learn, develop and improve at every moment;

  6. Providing high quality and reliable products and services for a longer and healthier life; in this context, creating added value in the fields of health and quality of life with our innovations and collaborations, especially in the field of unmet health needs;

  7. Increasing and maintaining societal interaction in the areas we prioritise with our social responsibility projects;

  8. Within the scope of combating climate change, carrying out studies to minimise the emission arising from our activities;

  9. Ensuring responsible production and consumption balance by using energy and natural resources most efficiently in all our production processes and in all areas where we are in;

  10. Ensuring the efficient use of energy and natural resources by protecting them, reducing and/or recovering wastes at their sources, or if not recoverable, ensuring safe disposal;

  11. Supporting the disposal of wastewater within the scope of water efficiency and, if possible, recycling and utilisation of wastewater;

  12. Universally tracking and reporting of "Environmental Management Systems" for regular assessment of environmental risks;

  13. Establishing sustainable systems in the future as before by including advanced and environmentally friendly technologies in our future investments;

  14. Keeping our information and data security policies up to date to ensure information security and business continuity in all our activities, and monitoring our compliance with these policies;

  15. Placing importance on the data confidentiality of all our stakeholders and ensuring and maintaining data confidentiality in accordance with both relevant laws and bilateral agreements with stakeholders;

  16. Compliance with internal, contractual and universal ethical values and rules in a manner that avoids conflicts of interest as set out in our anti-bribery and anti-corruption policies, code of ethics manual and all relevant policy texts;

  17. Ensuring continuity in customer satisfaction;

  18. Observing and promoting human rights, labour rights and social rights, improving compliance with these rights, and regularly informing and raising awareness of our stakeholders on these rights;

  19. Maintaining our holistic approaches that do not discriminate against any language, religion, race or gender with all our stakeholders in all areas;

  20. Maintaining our humane work practices to increase the loyalty and welfare of our internal stakeholders to our company and to make the working environment more efficient;

  21. Continuously supporting the professional and personal development of our internal stakeholders, increasing and maintaining our qualified training determined on an individual basis;

  22. Increasing and maintaining the support we provide for the professional/personal development of our female employees and their qualified and active participation in working life;

  23. Continuation of our practices to further increase women's employment at all levels and our gender equality-oriented efforts;

  24. Minimising occupational accidents, occupational diseases, injuries and near misses through a system in which risk analyses on occupational health and safety are conducted and stakeholders' feedback is taken into account;

  25. In parallel with the prohibition of "no child labour or forced labour" within GEN, taking an active role in preventing child labour or forced labour in our supply chain.


We are a signatory to United Nations Global Compact which is the biggest corporate sustainability platform supported by United Nations. 

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