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As one of the fastest-growing pharmaceutical companies in the Turkish pharmaceutical industry, GEN continues to make bold R&D investments in its goal of becoming a significant global actor in the pharmaceutical industry.
In this respect, GEN continues its original drug research and development activities with great dedication and strong infrastructure in two different R&D centers.


GEN R&D laboratories are located in the GEN Manufacturing Facility in Ankara, which was approved as an R&D Center in 2019 by the Ministry of Industry and Technology of the Republic of Türkiye. With its 1200m² well-equipped laboratory area and expert researcher team, GEN continues its product development activities to meet global standards. 


Elixir started its operations in 2014 as a pharmaceutical research and development company with its high-tech laboratories, scientific infrastructure and innovative thinking. It is located in Hacettepe University Beytepe Teknokent area. Elixir, along with the products it has developed before, united its R&D efforts with GEN as its subsidiary in 2019.


GEN R&D, consisting of Formulation and Analytical Development laboratories; develops pharmaceutical dosage forms using conventional and modern production methods in line with reliability, quality, and efficacy. GEN R&D's position in the sector is bold and different because it offers solutions to rare diseases and patient compliance. 

Expert Researcher Team 

GEN R&D research staff; consists of a diverse team from various disciplines such as pharmacy, chemical engineering, chemistry, bioengineering and molecular biology. With its multidisciplinary perspective, GEN R&D continues to provide solutions to unmet medical needs compliant with international guidelines.
Our research team consists of qualified researchers who have completed their master's and doctorate studies or continuing their postgraduate education at the leading universities of our country.

Well-Equipped Laboratory Area

GEN R&D has a well-equipped laboratory infrastructure needed for comprehensive formulation and analytical development studies. 
    Formulation development laboratory for R&D scaled productions 

  •  Sterile production area (lyophilized vial, sterile solution)

  •  Production area of nano-drug delivery systems (sterile liposomal lyophilized powder)

  •  Semi-solid production area (cream, ointment, lotion)

  •  Production area of solid oral dosage forms (tablets, capsules, sachets)

Analytical development laboratory for analytical method development studies

  •  Instrumental analysis and in-process control laboratory 


GEN R&D uses high-tech equipment procured from the industry's leading equipment manufacturers, suitable for scale-up in the production area and method transfer studies.  

R&D Public Support and Incentives

In line with the innovative technology goals of our strong R&D unit, with the aim of being the top generic drug in Türkiye and the world, applications of our projects have been made to the Technology-Oriented Industry Move Program carried out by the Ministry of Industry and Technology of the Republic of Türkiye, and the process is in the evaluation phase. We have ongoing and finalized projects within the TUBITAK: TEYDEB 1501 Industry R&D Projects Support Program.

GEN R&D Goal:

Innovative approaches adopted by GEN R&D are aiming to make generics of the reference products available in Türkiye as well as to create the first generic drug products of the reference product in the global market in order to facilitate an easier access for patients to these drugs.
Innovative technologies we use in our R&D center are;

•    Systems providing controlled release with a lipophilic matrix
•    Liposomal drug delivery systems
•    Lyophilized parenteral.

Thanks to having the necessary infrastructure to produce these technologies; GEN R&D implements projects with high added value. The development of new dosage forms and the establishment of new production lines enable us to achieve targeted projects and rapidly move forward in these innovative approaches.

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