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  • What is the difference between registered imported drugs and registered produced drugs?
    Registered imported drugs are product portfolio which GEN has the rights of according to the exclusive distributorship agreement made with the foreign producer companies and these drugs are registered by the Republic of Türkiye Ministry of Health. Registrations are made for our company. Produced registered (Equivalent) drugs are the drugs which produced in our company’s production facility and registrations are made for GEN.
  • What is the management strategy of company’s foreign currency risk?
    Even though big part of company’s total sales based on imported products, our company does not carry serious foreign currency risk. Purchasing and sales of durgs within the scope of NPP (Named Patient Program) which is biggest constituent of our total sales made on foreign currency as a result of agreements made between our company and counter parties so, our company does not have foreign currency risk on this field. In terms of, imported registered drugs which is the second largest constituent of our total sales, big part of foreign currency risk is protected with agreement made with business partners. As a result of this, our company which does not carry foreign currency risk on big part of its sales, minimise the foreign currency risk might occur from remaining part through active financial management.
  • What is strategy in dividend distribution?
    Generally, our company aims that distribute at least 1/3 of its distributable profit as dividend as much as affordable from resources available in our legal records by considering, general economic situation, investment strategies and profitability. Dividend distribution policy is available at our company’s corporate website, Corporate Governance Documents.
  • What is the Business Model of GEN?
    In general, GEN operates in three main areas: First of these is the drugs classified in NPP (Named Patient Program) group which detailed in below. Second area is the sales and distribution of the registered imported drugs, which produced by the drug companies abroad and registered in our country for GEN. Third group is sales and distribution of the drugs which produced in GEN’s production facility and registered for GEN in Türkiye and abroad. GEN, operates in all these fields with an aim of improve solutions for rare diseases.
  • Is there any risk on imported product supply?
    Supply is protected by contracts for most of the imported products we sell. Therefore, no such risk is anticipated.
  • How can I reach the most accurate information about the company?
    You can reach the most accurate information about our company through Our corporate website: Our company’s page on Public Disclosure Platform: You can also forward all your questions, comments and suggestions to the [email protected] e-mail address.
  • What is the GEN’s main area of operation?
    Our company’s main area of operation is to carry out the purchase and sale, import and export, production and marketing, contracting works, representation and agency of chemical substances diagnostic reagents, radioactive diagnostic kits, pharmacy and hospital perch used in the medical and pharmaceutical industries and purchase and sale, import and export, production and marketing, contracting works, representation and agency of medicinal products and preparations for treatment and diagnosis purposes used in medicine and veterinary medicine. Detailed information on our areas of operation can be found in article 3 of our articles of association.
  • How is participation in annual meetings ensured?
    3 weeks before the general assembly date, the general assembly documents are available on our company's website under the title of the General Assembly.
  • What is the strategy which followed by GEN for its financial investments?
    Financial investments are made with the strategy of investing ventures which have potential to develop innovative health products and having priority rights on developed products by these ventures.
  • Why the sales discounts are high?
    Sales discounts which applied by our company is the general application in the drug sales and distribution sector. Within this framework, 11% for blood products, 28% for generic drugs (it might change on the basis of product) and 41% imported products (it might change on the basis of product) legal discount is applied. Applied discounts are managed in a way that keep company’s interests at highest level and im compliance with the sectoral dynamics.
  • What are expected contributions of financial investments and subsidiaries?
    Improvement of company’s product diversity and expasion of sales and distribution network through having priority rights on products which developed by our financial investments and subsidiaries is the main contribution expected from financial investments and subsidiaries.
  • What is projection of GEN in terms of increase share of production in total sales?
    Production facility which established in 2017 contributes to the GEN’s total sales, around 2% in the current situation. However, considering strict regulations on drug production area and approval obligation of production facilities’ by regulatory authorities, it can be said that our production facilit has been started to operate short time ago. On the other hand, each product which produced in the production facility will be put on sale as a commercial product before it’s sales must be registered by the regulatory authorities. The reason why, production facility is new and registration process takes long time, share of products which produced in our production faclity in total sales is low. In the next 5 years, it is aimed that the share of production will gradually increase with the increase in the number of developed products and increase in the number of registered products and it is aimed that the share of production in total sales will reach 60%-65%.
  • What is the operation system of NPP (Named Patient Program)?
    Drugs which prescribed by the doctors for the treatment of diseases and import permission is given by the Republic of Türkiye Ministry of Health but not registered in Türkiye and import can be imported through Turkish Pharmacists Association (TEB), Türkiye Social Security Agency (SGK) and USHAŞ (Internations Health Services Inc.). Name of this import of drugs and delivery of the patients model is NPP (Named Patient Program) Drugs in this category and their producers represented in our country with exclusive distributorship agreement. Main difference between registered imported drugs and these drugs is sales of these drugs are not made in pharmaceutical warehouse but made in TEB, SGK and USHAŞ and sales price is determined in foreign currency.
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