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Information Security Policy

GEN and its subsidiaries (GEN) regard corporate data, including personal data belonging to itself or its stakeholders, that it processes physically or through information systems, as a valuable asset and ensures its security. The purpose of corporate information security; It is to ensure that the information of GEN and/or its stakeholders can only be accessed by authorized persons, stored completely and accurately, and accessible when needed.

Due to the nature of GEN's commercial activities, material and moral damages may occur due to security vulnerability. All GEN employees take appropriate security measures to effectively protect information systems and physical business areas containing corporate and personal information from security threats and to minimize potential risks. While taking measures to ensure institutional information security and data integrity, the legal regulations and contractual requirements that GEN is subject to due to its pharmaceutical production and distribution activities are taken into consideration. 

GEN Senior Management expects all its employees and stakeholders to pay attention to the following issues;

  • Full compliance with the requirements of the Information Security Management System, established and operated within GEN,

  • Complying with all corporate policies, procedures and guidelines regarding information security published by GEN, including GEN Information Security Policy,

  • Continuing risk assessment studies to ensure information security and systematically managing risks,

  • Taking appropriate measures to ensure the physical and logical security of the systems owned by GEN and in which corporate data, including personal data, are processed,

  • Information security, compliance with the processing of personal data and relevant legislation,

  • Reporting information security violations to GEN Information Technologies Management without delay,


GEN Senior Management undertakes to meet the applicable requirements for corporate information security and to continuously improve the information security management system.

The operation of the GEN Information Security Management System in accordance with the ISO/IEC 27001 standard will support the protection of our corporate reputation and the continuity of the success of our business.


Abidin Gülmüş

Chairman of the Board

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